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We have developed a complete range of contamination control products to meet the stringent cleaning and disinfection protocols within the pharmaceutical industry, with products for equipment and surface cleaning, spill control, hard surface disinfection, cleaning validation, and much more. Our products are available in sterile or non-sterile versions, and can be saturated in application specific chemistries as required.

Medical Device

Particle and bacterial contamination are a serious concern in both implantable and non-implantable medical device production processes. We have assembled a product range of both sterile and non-sterile items specifically suited to ensuring medical device manufacturers can seamlessly maintain their cleanrooms using industry leading products, equipment, and validated cleaning protocols.


Life Science

From laboratory supplies, reagents, chemistries, high-quality consumables, and PPE, we provide a complete range of products suited to the needs of those working in the Life Science industry. We offer market leading products with just in time supply and robust support services to ensure our life science customers are adequately stocked and supported at all times.



The electronics industry has evolved rapidly as components have gotten smaller, and it is now critical that the cleaning products used achieve the highest levels of cleanliness to avoid becoming contamination risks themselves. With decades of experience serving this field, we have an in-depth knowledge and the most comprehensive product range developed to support electronics and micro-electronics manufacturers.



We understand the exacting requirements of the semiconductor industry, from critical Fab manufacturing areas to external support operations. We have developed a specific product portfolio aimed at reducing particle levels, minimising downtime, and diminishing yield loss, whilst ensuring cost efficiency is maintained. We also offer a comprehensive range of systems and services to support the semiconductor manufacturing process.



Biotechnology-derived drugs require the use of new cell culture techniques, as well as innovative products, equipment, and manufacturing processes. We understand the criticality of the manufacturing environment and offer a wide range of products and services to support the biotechnology sector such as consumables, cleaning systems, labware, detergents and cleaning agents, packaging, equipment, and much more.