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Our Services


VMI & Kanban Programs

Achieve real-time visibility, control, and traceability on spend, complete quality assurance, guarantee of stock availability, and robust supply chain controls with our vendor managed inventory and kanban programs. 


On-site Service Provision

We support a wide range of on-site services such as materials replenishment, process and systems management, equipment installation and maintenance, and customer specific solutions.


Cleanroom Certification

Cleanroom certification ensures the required standards of cleanliness and air purity are present to manufacture products safely, and to desired quality levels. Talk to us about ISO certification of your cleanroom environment.


Particulate & AMC Testing

Our teams can support the proactive management of your critical environment through dynamic and static testing for particles, and airborne molecular contaminants, providing particle data counts and detailed findings reports.


Protocol Services

Protecting the integrity of your cleanroom environment during construction, qualification, and critical production activities can require support from an experienced partner. Talk to us about our protocol support services.


Laundry Management

An effective laundry program is of paramount importance to every cleanroom. Our management systems can help streamline processes, control usage, track garment lifecycle, and provide location data, in real time.


Vending Solutions

Our wide range of industrial vending solutions can provide greater usage control, traceability on spend, and reduced product consumption, both inside and outside your cleanroom environment. 


Cleanroom Signs & Labels

We custom design and manufacture a full range of cleanroom signs and labels for every application. Our in-house manufacturing capability ensures all raw materials used are pre-qualified and compatible with your cleanroom environment.


Product Sourcing

We provide product sourcing services across a wide range of commodities, facilitating both time-sensitive miscellaneous requirements, and larger project-based sourcing to identify and develop cost effective alternatives.


Managed MRO

We support our customers by successfully managing their MRO supply-chain, delivering value through inventory optimisation, vendor management, cost reduction, obsolescence planning, process efficiency, resource utilisation, advanced IT systems, and more.


Business Analytics & Intelligence

Our business analysts can work with customers to obtain additional insights across critical projects, develop predictive models to forecast material usage, analyse machine uptime and reliability, and facilitate customer driven requirements.


Software & E-solutions

Using our proven suite of proprietary software solutions and internal development capability, we enable our customers to work more efficiently, streamline procurement flows, manage critical assets, control costs, and solve a wide range of business problems.